Politics Makes Me Sick

I’m sure politics was always passionate, but does it have to be this confrontational? Must we be so angry with one another? Luckily no civil wars have broken out over our increasing polarization.

I was a huge Obama fan. There was a time in my life when I had to defend my support of Obama in densely conservative circles. I’ve since moved away from them.

Church? I don’t go anymore. Too right-winged.

Those right-winged Facebook friends and family members appear less frequently in my news feed. I muted them. I filtered my posts to appear only to those who share similar opinions. No reason to spark a comment feud.

I suspect that had I not done so, my right-winged friends would unfriend me anyway. No big loss. I’ve made new friends. Though it is sad when I go through old photos from 10 years ago and see so many in my life disassociated over politics.

If you’ve spent some time on social media, I’m sure you can relate. Especially if you’ve crossed the line from right to left. Your old friends will no longer accept you. You’ve got to make new friends. And any new friends that don’t share your beliefs quickly distance themselves from you as soon as they find out that you’re on the other side.

Happened to me with Twitter followers. So long as I’m not political, I can attract conservatives to be my friends. They even admire me — until I come out as a Democrat. Once they know I don’t love Trump and I don’t go to church, the respect disappears.

I have a lot in common with conservatives. I share a lot of their views to this day. I adhere to good moral conduct maybe even more strictly than they do.

For example, I do not drink alcohol. I do not smoke. I do not chew. I do not kill. I’m responsible. I even know my Bible pretty well. I can relate to them. Half my life was spent in church. Politics aside, I think it’s a good place. You could be in other places!

Other places… other places like a casino… Trump owns a casino. I wouldn’t be surprised if he owned many. I might check on that. What does surprise me is that Christians voted for a casino owner. A bit hypocritical I think.

I don’t expect such high moral standards from atheists and my fellow liberals. If they swear, mess around, drink too much, gamble, or you name it — I’m not surprised. They never claimed to be role models. Christians on the other hand do.

That’s not to say atheists and liberals have no code of ethics. On the contrary, many are very generous. They serve their communities. They do a long list of good things. But, they don’t hold the same reputation Christians do for self-righteousness.

Maybe that’s why I hold professed Christians to a higher standard. They asked to be there. They said they were the good guys. Sure, they say we are all sinners. But somewhere along the way, they got saved and somehow know how to live their lives better than you. Not saying all are like this. You cannot generalize a group. But the overwhelming perception of self-righteousness is there.

Maybe these people are not Christians at all. Maybe they are wrong. Maybe they are just fooling themselves. Sure. But, they sure make a lot of noise!

That noise is what makes politics ugly.

To be fair, there are those flaming liberals who have a head full of opinions and use their political correctness to drown out other’s right to free thought. Not going to ignore that.

There is a lot of wrong on a lot of sides.

Some sides claim to not be a side. Like those independent voters. Sure whatever, you lean one way or another. Or you just cop-out and declare no opinion to avoid the fray. Maybe go as far as to condemn all sides while supporting “the lesser of the two evils.”

This all makes me sick. Does being patriotic and an involved citizen have to feel like this? Arguing all the time? Division?

Could we be known for what we love instead of what we hate? Is it so hard to support world peace without it being a polarizing statement?

Hey, I love world peace. I love world peace so much I think that militaries should be disbanded and guns should be outlawed.

Does that offend you? That’s the soft way of putting it. I could have said that differently with how I really feel.

I’m not detached from reality. I know politics ugly. I know change hurts.

Disbanding our military means something. It means that war is wrong and that all who participate in it are — gasp, murders! What did you expect? They don’t go overseas to play patty cake! Those weapons cause bodily harm.

Coming out and saying it like that is offensive. Some people prefer euphemisms, like “defending our country,” or “serving our country.” Even world peace isn’t straight to the point enough.

When we started this blog, we promised to be always deep. Topics like these go deep into the heart. They touch nerves. Sensitive subjects…

That Confederate monument isn’t southern pride, it’s an endorsement of racism and slavery. That’s going to hit a few nerves.

Maybe politics had to get ugly. It has to make us sick. We just got to get it all out of us. Rip the band-aid off!

I just hope we can have political conversations civilly. Discuss what needs to be discussed and remain friends. Hopefully, politics doesn’t have to remain this ugly or this polarized. Can we be sensible? Can we reason with one another? Listen and consider one another?

I hope so.

I don’t know about you, but the current political climate is unbearable. I hope it changes.

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